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Segregated Garbage Chutes

  • Municipal norms to segregate garbage in "Dry"(recycling) & "Wet" (Biodegradable) garbage.
  • Facilitates segregated garbage collection by using one chute.
  • Fully automatic, one user at a time
  • All hoppers are locked normally.
Operational Sequence
  • Press any button "Dry" or "Wet"
  • Busy indicator and hoppers remain locked for all floors.
  • Chute converts to respective mode "Dry" or "Wet" by rotating flap door in the garbage room.
  • Operated hopper unlocked with indication of selected garbage.
  • Disposed bag goes to appropriate trolley.
  • Auto closing hopper resets the system for next use.
  • Total change over time of 10 seconds
Salient Features
  • A step forward to Eco–Friendly buildings.
  • Single point collection of segregated garbage.
  • Hopper as well Controller is UL rated for user safety.
  • Horizon offers Bi-sorter ( for Two types of garbage)
  • Tri-sorter ( for Three types of garbage)
  • Quadra-sorter ( for Four types of garbage)
Please note that we are offering these systems in line with NFPA 82 which asks for
  • 90 min fire rated UL Labelled 10B chute type doors
  • Controller for the chute systems should be UL Listed
  • Control Panel for the chute system should be as per UL 508A