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Interlocking Garbage Chutes

Interlocking system is an advanced version of Standard chute.
  • It is designed for “One User at a time” concept.
  • Thus only one intake hopper can be used at a time.
  • All other floor intake Hoppers shall remain locked with busy indication, when one floor is operating.
  • Importantly, during cleaning operation, all floor intake hoppers shall remain locked. This is important safety feature for operation and maintenance team.
  • All hoppers are Auto closing and fire rated.
  • Controller is also UL Labelled for user safety.
Please note that we are offering these systems in line with NFPA 82 / BS 1703 which asks for
  • 90 min fire rated UL Labelled 10B chute type doors
  • Controller for the chute systems should be UL Listed
  • Control Panel for the chute system should be as per UL 508A