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Standard Garbage Chute

Horizon Chutes a pioneering company for chutes in India is offering a quality product with international certifications and post sales services.

  • Available in various material viz.. SS304, SS430, G I & Aluminised steel.
  • High pressure disinfectant spraying, solid profile, wide angle, adjustable cleaning sprinklers at every intake level.
  • Cleaning operation by control panel in garbage room
  • Exhaust system to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr
  • UL labelled 90min fire rated hoppers (UL10B Std)
  • Discharge end fire cut off door.
  • Garbage collection in bins.
  • Available in different diameters & Hopper sizes (Dia 450mm / Dia 600mm Dia 750mm / Dia 900mm etc.. )
  • Standard response fire sprinklers of 68ᵒ C are provided inside the chute
  • Manually operated, auto closing, fire rated chute doors.
Please note that we are offering these systems in line with NFPA 82 which asks for
  • 90 min fire rated UL Labelled 10B chute type doors
  • Controller for the chute systems should be UL Listed
  • Control Panel for the chute system should be as per UL 508A