Urban civilization & fast growing cities are forcing to construct Hi-Rise residential & commercial building complexes. In this changing scenario, various challenges are faced at all levels in “Built Environment”. And very importantly it needs to be addressed by Architects, Fire Protection Systems Consultants, Electrical and Plumbing Consultants, HVAC Consultants, Builders, Contractors, Workers on site and last but not least residents or users of this “Built Environment”.

At Horizon, we are giving complete solutions to following issues.

  • Waste Management in Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Waste Management in Malls, Multiplexes, Institutions, Office Complexes
  • Public Waste collection systems in cities, townships and complexes
  • Odour Control solutions for Waste rooms, Ramps, Landfills, Industries and agriculture sector
  • During Construction Debris disposal

we provide solution with the use of our different products in some of the following areas

  • Laundry Chutes in Hotel and Hospitals
  • Fire Rated Doors in buildings
  • Fire rated Access Hatches and Panels in Buildings
  • Fire Cabinets in Stainless steel and Mild Steel for compact fire equipment installations
We are continuously upgrading our products and adding new products to serve the Building Industry for better working and user level conditions. For more details email us at info@horizonchutes.com