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Garbage Chute

Urban Civilisation & fast growing cities are forcing to construct Hi-rise residential and commercial buildings, complexes. In this changing scenario, the garbage collection from every floor & its disposal has become a tedious job. Garbage chutes are the means to overcome the above problem with ease & utmost hygiene.

Horizon Chutes a pioneering company for chutes in India is offering a quality product with international certifications and post sales services.

Advantages of Garbage Chutes:
  • Facilitates total building garbage collection at one single point
  • Garbage disposal with ease & utmost hygiene
  • Reduces Power consumption
  • Segregated garbage collection.
Horizon Chutes salient features
  • Available in various material viz.. SS304, SS430, G I & Aluminised steel.
  • High pressure disinfectant spraying, solid profile, wide angle, adjustable cleaning sprinklers at every intake level.
  • Cleaning operation by control panel in garbage room
  • Exhaust system to give minimum 20-40 air changes/hr
  • UL labelled 90min fire rated hoppers (UL10B Std)
  • Discharge end fire cut off door.
  • Garbage collection in bins.
  • Available in different diameters & Hopper sizes (Dia 450mm / Dia 600mm Dia 750mm / Dia 900mm etc.. )
  • Standard response fire sprinklers of 68ᵒ C are provided inside the chute
Different types of Garbage Chutes offered:
  1. Standard Manual
  2. Standard with Inter Locking
  3. Bi Sorter
  4. Tri Sorter
  5. Quadra Sorter
  6. Interlocking with access control system
  7. Pneumatically operated chute hopper for all above types