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Access Control Linen Chute

Recently, especially, hospitality sector is facing immense problem of safety and security in the hotels. Horizon chutes is offering an additional feature of standalone access control system for operation of chutes by authorised persons only. User has to punch password to operate the chute. A Master password is provided for Management level. The password can be different for different floors. This allows user identification and use of chute by authorised person. Very recently, many international hotel chains have changed their requirements of linen chute from standard Interlocking to Access controlled interlocking chute systems.

Please note that we are offering these systems in line with NFPA 82 / BS 1703 which asks for
  • 90 min fire rated UL Labelled 10B chute type doors
  • Controller for the chute systems should be UL Listed
  • Control Panel for the chute system should be as per UL 508A